Local Towing

As a local towing company, we endeavor to provide the best services to our clients in Kissimmee, FL and the nearby towns of Orlando and Apopka. At Central FL Auto Towing we have been offering our client base various auto towing and general roadside assistance services for an extended period. We understand that our customers need very timely and effective services at all times. Because of this knowledge, we have invested a considerable amount of resources to improving our service offering over the years.  

Currently, we have a formidable fleet of towing trucks as well as an incredible team of professionals who are committed to giving you the best services at all times. Our employees always listen to you and then provide what they believe are the best solutions to your auto towing problems.

Moreover, we have managed to accumulate a wealth of experience for the time that we have been offering long distance towing services to our clients. One of the things we have come to learn over the years is that many customers need a service provider that they can develop a relationship with. With this information, we have streamlined our services in such a manner that your needs as our client dictate our operations. Central FL Auto Towing now operates on a 24-hour basis so that you can count on us as a reliable partner when you are in need of roadside assistance services.

As well, we are located close to where our clients are. We have been effectively offering long distance towing services to many customers in Kissimmee, FL as well as in other areas such as Longwood and Sanford. Therefore, if you are within these areas or elsewhere, you can comfortably reach out to us as your local towing service provider and let us help solve your auto towing problem. Remember that we have very competitive pricing plans that reflect our commitment to offering you excellent auto towing services at your convenience.